An Aubrey Beardsley inspired poster

As an assignment from the Art Academy class Art History, this year we need to create four posters and or advertisements. Each inspired on an art periode from 1880 till now. For the first poster, I chose to get inspired by Art Nouveau and especially by the works of Aubrey Beardsley. In addition to using the style features of the chosen period, we also had to use an invention or event from that period.

I have chosen this period because it matches my style. The graceful and nature-inspired patterns and shapes speak to me in particular. Beardsley is famous for his black and white work. The materials I used are Sakura Pigma Micron ink pens on 180grams drawing paper. The drawing is made in A4 format.

Sketching near The Potmarge

The ‘Potmarge’ is one of the nicest parts of Leeuwarden. Yesterday I had a great time walking near this centuries old water way. Sketching trees en views, while the sun was shining. I just love springtime!

A couple of fast sketches:

Illuminated letter

illuminated-letter-by-janet-plantingaAs an assignment for art school, I created this illuminated letter. In the middle ages they where used to illustrate manuscripts. This illuminated letter has some Celtic motifs and a fantastic animal motif.

Portrait of Paul de Leeuw

Portrait of Paul de Leeuw by Janet PlantingaFor almost a year I doubted whether this portrait of Dutch comedian and television host Paul de Leeuw was “finished”. Because tomorrow I drew this portrait exactly one year ago, I today decided: It’s done!

Already in the Christmas mood

Well, I just felt in the mood, being ‘locked up’ in a cel in the former jail Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden: drawing Christmas trees. So I have time to scan and print them on cards and sell them on markets. A sneak preview…

Christmas zentangle tree with zengems by Janet Plantinga

Christmas zentangle tree by Janet Plantinga

Christmas tree zentangle by Janet Plantinga

Very cold during Lammetsymet

Today I had a booth on Lammetsymet in Sint Annaparochie, where I was born. I brought my paintings, drawings and painted objects. The day started early, because we had to be there at 7.30 to decorate our booth. Unfortunately it was só cold that I wore two jackets and a scarf the entire day. If I’d brought gloves, I’d have worn them too! That’s how chilly it was.

But that didn’t spoil the fun! I saw lots of familiar faces and sold quite a bit. Even one of my favoritie original drawings of a moth. I’m sure the moth gets a great new home. It’s so nice when people are really enthusiastic about something you created. 20131116 Zentangle challenge 144 by Janet Plantinga 96dpi

In august I will be in Sint Annaparochie again, on the Rembrandtmarket. The anual art market around the Van Harenskerk. The church Rembrandt and his Saskia married in.

Samen met mijn moeder achter de kraam
Source: facebook.com/lammetsymet

Water color painting ‘OBD’ (2014)

Especially for my mum’s 70th birthday, I made this water color painting of my parent’s farm. My second water color painting ever.

20140323 - Aquarel by Janet Plantinga
Sakura Pigma Micron en aquarelverf op papier