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The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #146

In this week’s zentangle challenge by The Diva we have to use only two tangles, Pea-nuckle and Well. As usual I tried to give it my own twist. Allthough it could have been cleaner and I made a couple tiny mistakes, I’m still happy with the result.

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20131125 Diva challenge 145 by Janet Plantinga 96dpi

15 thoughts on “The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #146

  1. Love how your peanuckle looks like crochet. Wonderful!

  2. Very cool – I would never have thought of doing Pea-nuckle without the lines – it’s quite effective. Nice take on Well too!

  3. That looks GREAT!

  4. Interesting variation of pea-nuckle. Like the Well variation.

  5. Oh, what wonderful variations of both patterns. Beautiful!

  6. Mooi, leuk en origineel!

  7. This is so fun! You come up with unique ways of using the patterns!

  8. Wonderful and very creative peace of art! I like your Pea-nuckle!

  9. LOVE IT!!! Really, this is great, beautiful way of thinking outside the box!

  10. Prachtig Janet. Vooral je pea-nuckle, het lijkt wel een kunstig brei of borduurwerkje. Erg mooi geworden.

  11. Really cool I love how it broke off and is coming unraveled!

  12. how original and creative. your twist is lovely

  13. So pretty! Your shading is amazing and you very creatively incorporated “pea-nuckle” 🙂

  14. I like your pea-nuckle. Clever!

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