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The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #138

This week’s challenge by The Diva is about getting inspired by stuff in your own home. Well, that was easy for me, I photographed my furniture and stuff for about an hour. I was surprised to find that much inspiration, enough for weeks ‘n’ weeks! I ended up using some decoration on an antique sewing machine, which is nearly faded, but still inspiring. So, this is what I came up with. I edited a bit on my computer, I only drew the left part and copied it to the right. I actually like drawing on my computer as well and I often combine the techniques.

I will probably recreate this design some time, but a bit cleaner, as I don’t like the crooked lines that much :-). For now, this will do.

Zentangle challenge 138 by Janet Plantinga (edited) - verkleind

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The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #136

This weeks challenge by the Diva is all about color. I just love color and had a lot of fun this week!

20130922 Diva challenge 136 by Janet Plantinga 96dpi

Previously I made some other colorful work. Below some examples of my work. As you can see, I like to combine several techniques and inspiration sources. The portrait is of my mother, when she was quite a bit younger.

20130427 - Portret Hanny by Janet Plantinga

20130601 Zentangle by Janet Plantinga colored - verkleind

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Designcursus University of Pennsylvania

After finishing the MOOC ‘Introduction to Communication Science‘ at the University of Amsterdam, I was inspired to find out what other MOOC’s there were. Coursera, one of the largest providers of MOOC’s offered the course ‘Design, creation of artifacts for society‘, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. And because design is one of my personal interests, I signed up.

The course aimes at making us a better designer. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design perfromance. The course was deliberately broad – spanning all domains of design, including architecture, graphics, services, apparel, engineered goods and products. The emphasis of the course is the basis design process: define, explore, select and refine.

I’m in the fifth week of this eight week course and I must say: every week is a party. The creative design proces is very satisfying. A couple of the assignments: