Already in the Christmas mood

Well, I just felt in the mood, being ‘locked up’ in a cel in the former jail Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden: drawing Christmas trees. So I have time to scan and print them on cards and sell them on markets. A sneak preview…

Christmas zentangle tree with zengems by Janet Plantinga

Christmas zentangle tree by Janet Plantinga

Christmas tree zentangle by Janet Plantinga

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10 gedachten over “Already in the Christmas mood

  1. I would also love tutorials.
    And I would buy them too!!

    1. I’m blushing right now :-).

      1. Don’t blush, your work is phenomenal. Love it!

  2. Wow, ALL are great! But….that Aquafleur tree is superb! Well done!

    1. Thanks! Maybe because I just love Aquafleur, it shines through in the tree :-).

  3. Love your Christmas trees! Do you have any tutorials for them? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. No, I don’t have a tutorial (yet), but I frequently get that question, so I just might. Thank you for your nice comment!

  4. Your trees are beautiful. I love each one. Do you give tutorials on how to draw gems? Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. Nancy

    1. Thank you so much! I enjoyed drawing these trees very much. And a gem-tutorial? Well, I never thought about doing that, but I just might. Thank you for the idea :-).

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