Golden Hour

Acrylic on mdf board, 30 x 40 cm

Letting go

My most recent painting ‘Letting go’, 40 x 120 cm, acrylic paint on a 3D canvas. A very personal painting.

An Aubrey Beardsley inspired poster

As an assignment from the Art Academy class Art History, this year we need to create four posters and or advertisements. Each inspired on an art periode from 1880 till now. For the first poster, I chose to get inspired by Art Nouveau and especially by the works of Aubrey Beardsley. In addition to using the style features of the chosen period, we also had to use an invention or event from that period.

I have chosen this period because it matches my style. The graceful and nature-inspired patterns and shapes speak to me in particular. Beardsley is famous for his black and white work. The materials I used are Sakura Pigma Micron ink pens on 180grams drawing paper. The drawing is made in A4 format.

Sketching near The Potmarge

The ‘Potmarge’ is one of the nicest parts of Leeuwarden. Yesterday I had a great time walking near this centuries old water way. Sketching trees en views, while the sun was shining. I just love springtime!

A couple of fast sketches:

Illuminated letter

illuminated-letter-by-janet-plantingaAs an assignment for art school, I created this illuminated letter. In the middle ages they where used to illustrate manuscripts. This illuminated letter has some Celtic motifs and a fantastic animal motif.

Etching of a parrot

For the first time in my life, tonight I have been etching (drypoint). What a nice experience. I loved doing it. I really want to experiment with it a lot more. Unfortunately, I don’t have a press and the right ink, so I’ll have to be patient. It’s a dirty job by the way, the ink gets everywhere!

Mixed Media

mixed-media-horse-on-rock-by-janet-plantingaToo old to learn? Never! After I’ve worked a lot of years in IT and communications, I realised that making art is my passion. Because I want to make better art, I started art school (Kunstacademie Friesland) last september. I enjoy that so much.

An evening playing with mixed media resulted in these two works of art.



Acrylic on board with an oil glazeIt was rather difficult to make a good photo of this painting, because it’s shining all over due to the oil glaze. This photo reflects the painting the best, although I like the painting better.

Acrylic on board with an oil glaze, 30 x 40 cm

Hanny by Janet Plantinga, detail

Portrait of Paul de Leeuw

Portrait of Paul de Leeuw by Janet PlantingaFor almost a year I doubted whether this portrait of Dutch comedian and television host Paul de Leeuw was “finished”. Because tomorrow I drew this portrait exactly one year ago, I today decided: It’s done!

Painting moved to Belgium

After Australia, one of my paintings moved to… Belgium! Mrs and mr De Kunst bought the painting when I stayed in The Blokhuispoort for two weeks. Mrs De Kunst liked the painting for her study on a blue wall.

This is one of my favorite paintings. It’s always a bit sad to say goodbye to a painting you worked on for several hours. But hey, that’s part of the deal being an artist, isn’t it? 😉

Mevrouw en meneer De Kunst nemen het schilderij 'Zon en bloemen' mee

Mrs and mr De Kunst with the painting ‘Sun and flowers’[/caption]

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail with a picture of the painting on the wall in her study. Mrs De Kunst wrote: “Your art piece in the middle of my idols for life”. How beautiful and an honor is that?

Het schilderij hangt tussen idolen voor het leven The painting, hanging in the middle of idols for life