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The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #139

In this week’s Zentangle challenge by The Diva, it’s all about using the pattern ‘8s Parte Dos‘. I never tried this pattern before, so it was a bit tricky finding out how it works. I decided to combine it with a celtic knot, what was an extra difficulty. The original drawing is 10cm x 9cm.

20131009 Diva challenge 139 by Janet Plantinga 200dpi

11 thoughts on “The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #139

  1. Love the transition to the Celtic border.
    Great job !

  2. Absolutely wonderful! So beautifully integrated with the Celtic Knot.

  3. Een mooie tile met geweldige schaduwen!

  4. I bow to your talent, Janet!! Just looking at it and contemplating trying to draw that makes my head hurt!

  5. fantastic! beautiful job, so perfect!

  6. Wow is a good descriptor. Like the shading and the celtic knot.

  7. Wow! This is wonderful! I love it paired with the celtic knot!

  8. Wow, I can not believe this! It is amazing. I was just looking at “cruze” and wondering how to integrate it and you have done it. Sign it and frame it. I agree with Shelly, it is a masterpiece.

  9. Janet you have created a masterpiece!

  10. Wow! Very clever idea! The result is gorgeous!

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