Christmas market


What a great Christmas market in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden! Thanks mum for your wonderful help, thanks to all the visitors of the market, thanks to all of my customers, thanks for all the great little talks, thanks for the organisation of the market. To that sweet girl who got the pens to decorate tree balls from her dad: succes decorating and I’m very curious about the result. To the nice lady who tought me how to ‘wichtel’: I hope your friends like the surprises you got them. To Jan and Marjan: lots of luck together! That must be no problem with the little ‘liefdesblokje’ you bought. Just some of the nice contacts of yesterday and today. Now I’m gonna give my legs some well deserved rest. Clean-up-day is tomorrow ;-).

Rembrandtmarket great success

Looking out on the Van Harenskerk last saturday I had a booth on the Rembrandtmarket in St. Annaparochie. What a great market it was! I will definitely join in next year. There even was a visitor who enjoyed herself so much watching my art and me making art that she stayed for over an hour. How cool is that?

Inbetween I’ve been doodeling a bit, although there was not much time to draw. For those who saw me draw, this is the end result! Small but nice.

20160806 Doodle during Rembrandtmarkt by Janet Plantinga

Art market Leeuwarden 2016

What fun the art market in Leeuwarden was, despite heavy competition of the open day of the nearby airbase. Thanks everybody for visiting my booth en bying my creations!
Kunstmarkt Wilhelminaplein Leeuwarden 2016

Very cold during Lammetsymet

Today I had a booth on Lammetsymet in Sint Annaparochie, where I was born. I brought my paintings, drawings and painted objects. The day started early, because we had to be there at 7.30 to decorate our booth. Unfortunately it was só cold that I wore two jackets and a scarf the entire day. If I’d brought gloves, I’d have worn them too! That’s how chilly it was.

But that didn’t spoil the fun! I saw lots of familiar faces and sold quite a bit. Even one of my favoritie original drawings of a moth. I’m sure the moth gets a great new home. It’s so nice when people are really enthusiastic about something you created. 20131116 Zentangle challenge 144 by Janet Plantinga 96dpi

In august I will be in Sint Annaparochie again, on the Rembrandtmarket. The anual art market around the Van Harenskerk. The church Rembrandt and his Saskia married in.

Samen met mijn moeder achter de kraam