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The Diva Zentangle Challenge #152 ’Aquafleur′

I skipped a few weeks, but this evening I played around with the new Zentangle ‘Aquafleur’. That was a lot of fun! So, below you’ll find my entry in the Zentangle challenge #152 ‘Aquafleur’ by The Diva.


20140129 Zentangle-challenge 152 'Aquafleur' by Janet Plantinga 96dpi - bijgeknipt

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9 thoughts on “The Diva Zentangle Challenge #152 ’Aquafleur′

  1. Ooohhh!!! Gorgeous.

  2. So beautiful! I love the flowers.

  3. I love love love your flower garden of aquafleur. Nice job!

  4. Een tuin vol Aquafleurs, heel mooi gedaan.

  5. Your flowers are a nice variation. Look similar to those by Helen Williams. Like the flow of those on the bottom.

  6. Gorgeous! This is so elegant and imaginative!

  7. Erg mooi Janet, het effect wat je hebt gemaakt met de schaduw en hooglicht partijen is geweldig. De bloemen lijken wel gemaakt van alluminium of staal. Erg mooi zeker met de groene achtergrond.

  8. Oh Wow! I love what you have done with this one!

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