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Painting ‘Blossom!’ in gallery Heechsicht

I’m always a bit nervous when showing a new painting for the first time, so it was a bit exiting yesterday and today at gallery Heechsicht in Indijk, the Netherlands. But what a nice comments I got. Very happy and proud of this self portrait! It was great to show my work together with eleven of my colleagues.

This painting is about looking back, looking at the cracks in the road of life, which have been repaired. Or not. About the crow, al very special bird, strong, intelligent, free, going its own way, telling me to follow my own road, to blossom. See colors, enjoy nature, flowers, birds.

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Exhibition for the day in Lichtaard

During the Noord-Friese Winkeltjesroute on Saturday 28 July, I exhibited for the day, in the church of Lichtaard (near Dokkum). The exhibition was part of ‘Art in the Church’ and is linked to the monthly North Frisian Shopping Route. It was such a hot day! Hotter than 30 degrees Celsius.

The church in Lichtaard on a cooler day.

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An Aubrey Beardsley inspired poster

As an assignment from the Art Academy class Art History, this year we need to create four posters and or advertisements. Each inspired on an art periode from 1880 till now. For the first poster, I chose to get inspired by Art Nouveau and especially by the works of Aubrey Beardsley. In addition to using the style features of the chosen period, we also had to use an invention or event from that period.

I have chosen this period because it matches my style. The graceful and nature-inspired patterns and shapes speak to me in particular. Beardsley is famous for his black and white work. The materials I used are Sakura Pigma Micron ink pens on 180grams drawing paper. The drawing is made in A4 format.

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Christmas market


What a great Christmas market in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden! Thanks mum for your wonderful help, thanks to all the visitors of the market, thanks to all of my customers, thanks for all the great little talks, thanks for the organisation of the market. To that sweet girl who got the pens to decorate tree balls from her dad: succes decorating and I’m very curious about the result. To the nice lady who tought me how to ‘wichtel’: I hope your friends like the surprises you got them. To Jan and Marjan: lots of luck together! That must be no problem with the little ‘liefdesblokje’ you bought. Just some of the nice contacts of yesterday and today. Now I’m gonna give my legs some well deserved rest. Clean-up-day is tomorrow ;-).