Artist statement

After working in business for almost 30 years, I rediscovered my passion for making art. With my art, I want to touch people in their emotions. Whereas it used to be mainly by cheerfulness, nowadays more and more fiercely emotions find their place in my work, such as sadness and anger. For example, I am currently working on the theme of ‘letting go’. Letting go of feelings from the past and letting go of things.

I mainly work in 2D (paintings, drawings and photography), but sometimes a theme or subject asks for more dimensions. The materials I like to work with are acrylic paint, ink, (colored) pencils, charcoal and markers. Since my childhood I have a fascination with color, structures and patterns and you often see them in my work. My subjects range from portraits to landscapes, in various stages of stylization and abstraction.

I am inspired by chance, happy accidents, my walks, nature and the materials I work with. Artists who appeal to me include Gustav Klimt and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Developing my own style, work process and online presence are very important to me. That is why I study at the art academy nowadays.