The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #149 ‘2014’

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and creative 2014! Below my entry for this week’s Zentangle challenge by The Diva. I have to say that I created the ‘201’ last year and today I added the ‘4’…

20140108 Challenge 149 '2014' by Janet Plantinga

Below two drawings I made the last couple of weeks. Thought you might like them :-). Well I hope so anyway.

7 thoughts on “The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #149 ‘2014’”

  1. Ik vind je ‘2014’ erg mooi, de tangles passen goed in de mooi gevormde cijfers. Ook je andere, kleurige werk is prachtig.

  2. I like the tangles in your numbers. That is some great line work. Your colors in your ZIAs is gorgeous. I like the flow and movement in the last one. My use of color is pretty primitive.

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